Heat Pumps

Frederick Bros. offers two lines of exceptional Heat Pumps as solutions for your heating and cooling needs.


Samsung heat pump


Mitsubishi heat pump
Model MSZ-FH


WindFree™ 2.0 and WindFree™ 2.0e units come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real-time updates about system performance and energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed. Compatible with SmartThings app† and Bixby 2.0^.

Scenes – Control multiple devices with a single tap or voice command through the SmartThings app. A Scene can be used as a part of an Automation.

Automations – Control your devices without manual intervention. Automations can be set to run at certain times on certain days of the week or to trigger when another device reports a certain condition (such as detecting motion or a door or window opening).

Energy Monitoring – View daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption for your A/C system (for reference use only and not revenue grade).

Geofencing – Detects when the smartphone you’re carrying comes in and out of the range you set up on the map, and then triggers the different actions you’ve set to happen (such as turning your A/C off while you’re away, or on when you arrive home).

Bixby is Samsung’s scalable AI platform, built to support multiple devices in your life in a more conversational, more personal, and more useful way.

Samsung heat pumps
Samsung mini splits


Core Environmental Policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes sustainable development and is committed to protecting and restoring the global environment through technology, all business activities and the actions of our employees. Mitsubishi Electric reflects the essence of this policy and vision in all aspects of its air conditioner business.

ENERGY STAR® Certified for Entire Range of Series

The FH Model has achieved an industry-leading efficiency of 33.1 SEER (MSZ-FH06NA) and 30.5 SEER (MSZ-FH09NA). All systems of the FH Model feature high efficiencies and are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning that these units can save up to 25% on heating and cooling costs when installed correctly.

3D i-see Sensor®

The FH Model is equipped with 3D i-see Sensor®, an infrared- ray Sensor that measures the temperature at distant positions.

While moving to the left and right, eight vertically arranged Sensor elements analyze the room temperature in three dimensions. This detailed analysis makes it possible to judge where people are in  the room, thus allowing creation of features such as Indirect Airflow, to avoid airflow hitting people directly, and Direct Airflow to deliver airflow to where people are located.

Indirect Airflow

The Indirect Airflow setting can be used when the flow of air feels too strong or direct. For example, it can be used during cooling to avert airflow and prevent body temperature from becoming excessively cooled.

Direct Airflow

This setting can be used to directly target airflow at people such as for immediate comfort when coming indoors on a hot (cold) day.

Mitsubishi mini splits