Fuel Oil – Delivery

Frederick Brothers Oil & Propane has been trusted to keeps its neighbors warm since 1946

Delivery of #2 Heating Oil & K-1 Kerosene Fuel

It’s inevitable that winter comes in New England every year. We have been trusted for over 75 years to keep or friends, family and neighbors warm when they need Fuel Oil Delivery the most. Our loyal home heating oil customers depend on us – and stay with us – because of our professional, courteous service as well as our expertise with all types of oil heating equipment. Let us help ease the burden of winter with our fuel delivery options and payment plans that fit every family’s needs.

Automatic Fuel Delivery – We’re there when you need us!

Regular Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery

Let us handle the responsibility of keeping your fuel tank full, so you don’t have to, especially when temperatures really start to drop. It’s what we at Frederick Brothers Oil & Propane do best! By tracking daily temperatures our software can forecast when you’ll need a delivery. Our system takes into consideration the temperatures and gallons in between deliveries to customize your schedule. Our priority is to be reliable and to keep you warm all year long. There are no fees to being on automatic delivery, just the reassurance that we’ve got you taken care off.

We always recommend Automatic Fuel Delivery to avoid a run out and to prevent the need for an emergency delivery but understand why some are weary. Call today and speak to someone at Frederick Brothers Oil & Propane about any concerns you may have for going on automatic delivery. Let them answer any questions you may have and reassure you of the benefits of being on automatic.

Regular Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery
Diesel fuel oil off road

Delivery of Diesel Fuel (Ultra low sulfur only)

We deliver On-Road & Off-Road Diesel year-round for your generator or equipment. We have a truck on the road throughout the week to keep you topped off. Delivery accounts can be set up on and Automatic Fuel Delivery schedule or Will-Call basis depending on your needs.  Please contact us for updated pricing and delivery schedule information.

Will Call Fuel Oil Delivery

If you prefer to watch over your tank and schedule deliveries as needed, Will Call is an easy way to stay in control. We require a minimum of 100 gallons to be delivered in order to avoid a delivery charge. We also ask for 4-5 business days’ notice for all deliveries. This allows us to get you on the schedule when we are in that area next. Don’t let yourself get too low before calling and risk having to pay a delivery charge for an emergency delivery. We recommend calling when your tank reaches ½ – ¼.

Emergency Fuel Oil Delivery

We are there for you when you need us! Our staff is on call 24/7. It’s easy for life to get in the way and you may have overlooked your fuel tank level and run out. Don’t be left in the cold. Call our office anytime! If it’s after hours, our emergency answering service is on it! We will get you up an running as soon as we can.

Tank-Guard Tank Protection Program

Fuel tanks don’t last forever, and the cost of replacement can sometimes be hard to manage. For just pennies a day, our Tank-Guard Protection Plan guards against internal tank corrosion, helping to extend the life of your tank. Oil tanks tend to rust from the inside out and tanks sometimes don’t show external signs of needing replacement until it’s too late and you’ve found yourself in an emergency. Our program not only extends the life of your tank but provides a warranty for up to $1,000 towards a replacement tank, when the time comes, at no additional cost to you! Be prepared when the time comes and know that you’re taken care off. Once your tank begins to leak, it will be too late to take advantage of this coverage. Call today to sign up and get protection!

Tank guard