Fuel Oil Budget Program

When you sign up for our budget program, we examine your fuel usage history, estimate your costs for the year, and divide your total estimated fuel bill into two, ten, or twelve equal monthly payments. We will provide you with monthly payment mailers that you may use to send in your payments each month. Budget program participants are required to sign up for automatic delivery. You will always receive our best cash price at the time of each delivery.

Fuel Oil Assistance Programs

For those customers needing assistance with heating fuel costs; Frederick Bros. Oil is proud to announce our long-term affiliation with the following fuel assistance programs:

  • Maine State Housing Authority (LiHeap)
  • Peoples Regional Opportunity Program (PROP)
  • York County Community Action Corp. (YCCA)

Senior Citizen Fuel Oil Discount

We offer 2 cents off the cash price. Please ask us for this Senior Citizen Fuel Oil Discount when you get your oil delivery or when you set up your new account with us.