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Monitor Heater

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Frederick Bros. has over 20 years of experience installing and servicing Monitor products in the Greater Portland area and beyond. From the delivery of Monitor Fuel (K-1 Kerosene), to annual cleanings and complete overhauls, Frederick Bros. Monitor service is among the finest anywhere.

Monitor Annual Cleaning

Annual cleanings are essential to heater performance and lifespan. Frederick Bros. will service your Monitor heater in your home or business at your convenience.

Annual Cleaning Description

Monitor cleanings are performed on-site at your location and involve partial disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the combustion area and all major operating components. Replacement parts and gaskets are installed when necessary along with any adjustments to insure safe and efficient operation. We inspect your oil tank and fuel lines and install a replacement tank filter. Prior to leaving your home or business, we will test your heater to insure all systems are functioning properly.


At some point during your Monitor heater's lifespan (usually 8-10 years) a complete overhaul will be necessary. Frederick Bros.' factory trained technicians will remove the Monitor from your residence or business, perform the overhaul service to your heater and return the factory fresh unit to you within a few days. Under ideal conditions, Monitor heaters are overhauled prior to the heating season. However, when an overhaul needs to be performed during the colder months we can usually remove and reinstall the heater within the same day if necessary.

Overhaul Description

The overhaul process begins with the removal of the heater from your home or business. Back at the shop we completely disassemble the heater of all major components for a thorough cleaning and inspection. The heater is reassembled with the new parts, bench tested, and returned to your location for installation.

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Monitor. I really appreciate your prompt service and your pleasant & friendly attitude."

Reconditioned Heaters for sale

If you're looking for a less expensive alternative, we have older models that have been completely rebuilt by us and sell for around $800-$950. These units are perfect for garages, workshops, or just a good deal! Call us for availability.

"...the serviceman did a very thorough job, was very pleasant and was very informative about how a monitor works. It was most appreciative as this is my first experience with such a unit."