Fuel Oil

#2 Heating Fuel Oil

We offer Heating Oil Plus, a state of the art, premium heating oil specially formulated to maximize your energy dollars. Heating Oil Plus burns cleanly and efficiently providing a safe, reliable heat source for you and your family.

Diesel Fuel

  • On-Road
  • Off-Road Diesel

We offer both On-Road & Off-Road Diesel. Accounts can be set up on an Automatic, or Will-Call Basis depending on your needs. Please contact us for pricing. (Ultra low sulfur only).

Kerosene fuel truck
Fuel Oil Truck

K-1 Kerosene Fuel

Generally, for the use in modern space heaters and Monitor/Toyo heaters. K-1 can also be used in outside tanks, as it will not congeal in Maine’s cold winters.

Fuel Oil Payment Options

We offer online payment, credit card authorization, COD, fuel assistance and budget plans to all of our customers. Fill out a New Customer Application today!

Reducing Fuel Oil Consumption

Allows your oil burner to operate at optimum efficiency

Extending the life of your oil heating system

Diesel fuel oil off road
Off-Road Diesel