Fuel Oil

#2 Heating Oil Fuel

We offer Heating Oil Plus, a state of the art, premium heating oil specially formulated to maximize your energy dollars. Heating Oil Plus burns cleanly and efficiently providing a safe, reliable heat source for you and your family.

Diesel Fuel

  • On-Road

  • Off-Road Diesel

We offer both On-Road & Off-Road Diesel. Accounts can be set up on an Automatic or Will-Call Basis depending on your needs. Please contact us for pricing. (Ultra low sulfur only)

Fuel Oil Delivery

K-1/Kerosene Fuel

Generally for the use in modern space heaters and Monitor/Toyo heaters. K-1 can also be used in outside tanks, as it will not congeal in Maine's cold winters.
Heating Oil Plus

  • Reducing Fuel Oil Consumption

  • Allows your oil burner to operate at optimum efficiency

  • Extending the life of your oil heating system

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